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What is AHAM Play

AHAM PLAY is an online video library, where you can access all our AHAM webinars. We have many hours of recordings and it is all available to you, so you can watch at any time, any place and at your own comfort! We are constantly adding new content, so after each live AHAM webinar, we will upload the recordings a few days after the event.

If you are looking for more knowledge about essential oils and their benefits, you have come to the right place. AHAM PLAY is an exclusive video library just for aromatherapy!

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During the last 20 years, a group of international experts in Aromatherapy frequently came together and exchanged their specific view on aromatic plants and their essential oils. All of them share a very holistic way on how these natural essences can be seen and applied. In 2016 these experts met again and thought that it was time to share their knowledge and give it a more formal appearance – AHAM was created!


We share an understanding about Aromatherapy that goes beyond the laws of biochemistry, the wisdom of medicinal plants and the common understanding about olfactoric influences on the human body and psyche. Our viewpoint is one that takes into account all possible influences you can imagine. The influence of the more subtle levels of existence which, although not visible, have a great impact on all we can experience. The wisdom about the holistic functioning of nature and the interconnectedness of everything in creation – and a deep knowledge about the kingdom of plants with its almost limitless forms of expression.


On this platform we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with everyone who is looking for a deep and holistic understanding on Aromatherapy. On a monthly basis, our international team of experts is host webinars on a wide variety of themes. All of our webinars are recorded and for a reasonable monthly fee they can be viewed on our AHAM PLAY platform.

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Holistic Aromatherapy takes into consideration all the knowledge aspects about essential oils – be it medical, experiential, scientific, (ethno)-botanical, energetic and spiritual.

Holistic Aromatherapy considers all application methods of essential oils as useful and necessary for true healing, but puts special emphasis on their olfactory and subtle vibratory effects, making us understand what we can call quantum-field medicine or energy-medicine.

Holistic Aromatherapy understands itself as an important complementary part of a new “Medicine from Nature” in which true healing comes from deep inside the human being and therefore has to be addressed from the profoundest psycho-spiritual levels where all aspects of energy medicine, bio-chemistry, physiology and environmental factors together have their common ground of influence. It is from this level that the transformation into a healthy and happy human being can take place.

The emphasis on experiences with essential oils is another important part of Holistic Aromatherapy. There are thousands of incredible experiences from people who have healed the most vicious diseases through application of essential oils – many of these are confirmed and supported by scientific investigations.

Thus, Holistic Aromatherapy is very much an empirical knowledge that promotes the understanding that we have to come back to a true “medicine of nature” as it has been practiced by man over thousands of years. Also the ancient shamanic wisdom of our ancestors is included in holistic aromatherapy. That means: experience a deeper connection with the plants and their oils themselves and honour these great gifts of Mother Nature.

The process of Distillation as one of the main factors for the quality of an essential oil is very much taken into account – temperature, pressure, daytime and lunar phases do play an important role. As well as the many practical aspects of an essential oil: its origin, its purity and aspects of its quality.

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