Our Next Online Webinar

December 10th 2022 – 12:00 noon  – 3:00 pm
 (Central European Time)

The webinar will be with:

  • Dr. Malte Hozzel – Aromatic Home Pharmacy
  • Carla Vescovi – Improve your work environment with Aromatherapy

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December 10th, 2022

with Dr. Malte Hozzel and Carla Vescovi

Dr. Malte Hozzel

Founder of AHAM and Oshadhi

Topic: Aromatic Home Pharmacy



Carla Vescovi

Founder of Aromaluz

Topic: Improve your work environment with Aromatherapy

Webinar Schedule for 2022

DateAHAM SpeakersTopic/ Title
Feb. 27th, 2022Malte HozzelAnswers with aromatherapy to the Covid crisis
Feb. 27th, 2022Beverley HighamAromatherapy for healthy hair and scalp
Mar. 27th, 2022Malte Hozzel Essential oils of Provence
Mar. 27th, 2022Feli HooAloe Vera health and beauty remedies for our daily uses
Apr. 23rd, 2022Jody ElleaumeAromatherapy and Emotions - Feel freer and more peaceful thanks to essential oils
Apr. 23rd, 2022Malte HozzelMagical Heart – Aspects of Aromatherapy, Science and Spirituality
Apr. 24th, 2022Jonathan HindeMarma therapy: what it is and why essential oils are such an important part of the treatment?
Apr. 24th, 2022Eli RamosCase studies of the use of aromatherapy in palliative care patients
May 28th, 2022Jody ElleaumeOlfactive meditation: bases and benefits of this approach - a simple technique accessible to all
May 28th, 2022Eva BouzasSkin & Psyche part II
May 29th, 2022Malte HozzelEssential oils from resins and their special power
Jun. 25th, 2022Guilherme OberlaenderClinical overview of the use of essential oils in chronic disorders
Jun. 25th, 2022Yan OberlaenderPalo Santo - Ancestral Memories of Resilience
Aug. 13th, 2022Annie LeeEssential oils from Australia
Aug. 13th, 2022Malte HozzelEssential oils from India
Sept. 11th, 2022Carla S. VescoviAromatherapy in Pregnancy: Special Cares and Sharing of Experiences
Sept. 11th, 2022Yan OberlaenderMan and Plants: An Ancestral Alliance
Oct. 15th, 2022Feli HooEssential oils remedies for emotional stress recovery
Oct. 16th, 2022Eli RamosThe 5 elements approach according to Tibetan Medicine for interventions with essential oils
Oct. 16th, 2022Beverley HighamAromatherapy diary - year 2
Nov. 13th, 2022Lydia BossonHealthy pancreas with aromatherapy
Nov. 13th, 2022Annie LeeWomen care and aromatherapy
Dec. 10th, 2022Carla S. VescoviTBD
Dec. 10th, 2022Malte HozzelFragrant Light - Medicine of the future

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind!”

— Paracelsus