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If you are looking for more knowledge about essential oils and their benefits, you have come to the right place. AHAM PLAY is an exclusive video library just for aromatherapy!

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List of available Webinars in english & german

Annie Lee Aromatherapy and Child CareEN
Annie LeeProtect your Respiratory System by using AromatherapyEN
Annie LeeEssential oils from AustraliaEN
Beverley Higham Aromatherapy for healthy hair and scalpEN
Beverley Higham Natural ways to support the skin and enhance skin health and rejuvenationEN
Beverley HighamAromatherapy for Everyday LivingEN
Beverley HighamAromatherapy for greater connectionsEN
Beverley HighamAromatherapy for the SkinEN
Beverley Higham The aromatherapist diariesEN
Beverley Higham The magic of massage with essential oilsEN
Carla VescoviAromatherapy and fullness of the feminineEN
Carla VescoviAromatherapy – saying YES to lifeEN
Carla VescoviAromatherapy in Pregnancy: Special Cares and Sharing of ExperiencesEN
Carla VescoviBreathe, Digest and Dream - Aromatherapy and the Essentials Flows of LifeEN
Dr. Abilash AnandRoots of Essential oils in Indian traditionEN
Dr. Guilherme OberlaenderGoing Beyond the Limbic SystemEN
Dr. Guilherme OberlaenderClinical overview of the use of essential oils in chronic disordersEN
Dr. Henrik WestergaardWhy do we need Ayurveda today and how do the Aroma Oils relate to Ayurveda?EN
Dr. Malte Hozzel Answers with Aromatherapy to the Covid CrisisEN
Dr. Malte Hozzel Amazing stories of how essential oils have helped in times of needEN
Dr. Malte Hozzel Surprising experiences with essential oilsEN
Dr. Malte HozzelAromatische HausapothekeDE
Dr. Malte HozzelAromatherapy and Light Medicine of the FutureEN
Dr. Malte HozzelAromatherapy as Energy Medicine with specific Perspective on CancerEN
Dr. Malte HozzelAromatic Reflections for Moments of CrisisEN
Dr. Malte HozzelEssential oils and principles of blendingEN
Dr. Malte HozzelEssential oils of ProvenceEN
Dr. Malte HozzelEssential oils from IndiaEN
Dr. Malte HozzelMagic of Plant Alchemy and AromatherapyEN
Dr. Malte HozzelMagical Heart – Aspects of Aromatherapy, Science and SpiritualityEN
Dr. Malte HozzelNeue Energie und Vitalität mit AromatherapieDE
Dr. Malte HozzelPlants and man are partners of an ancient allianceEN
Dr. Malte HozzelPsychophysiologische Effekte der AromatherapieDE
Elizangela Ramos PintoBeauty with Nature - Facial CareEN
Elizangela Ramos PintoCase studies of the use of aromatherapy in palliative care patientsEN
Elizangela Ramos PintoHow can aromatherapy support us when we experience Loss and Grief?EN
Elizangela Ramos PintoThe use of Aromatic plants to access your luminous Self.EN
Elizangela Ramos PintoYour Well-being, your Vagus Nerve and Essential oilsEN
Eva Bouzas-RosAromatherapy Experiences in Spanish public hospitalsEN
Eva Bouzas-RosFirst Aid AromatherapyEN
Eva Bouzas-RosPrevention and Aromatic Experiences in these difficult Times and with limited ResourcesEN
Eva Bouzas-RosSkin and PsycheEN
Eva Bouzas-RosSkin and Psyche part IIEN
Feli HooAloe Vera health and beauty remedies for our daily usesEN
Feli HooGood Night‘s Sleep for good Immunity with Aromatherapy & AyurvedaEN
Feli HooUseful herbs of MalaysiaEN
Feli HooRemedies for Seasonal Detox & Liver Strengthening with TestimonialsEN
Jody Elleaume Aromatherapy and Emotions - Feel freer and more peaceful thanks to essential oilsEN
Jody Elleaume Case Studies with aromatic hydrolates and essential oils - Part 1EN
Jody Elleaume Case studies with aromatic hydrolates and essential oils - Part 2EN
Jody ElleaumeHydrolates - Bases and subtle approachEN
Jody ElleaumeOlfactive meditation: bases and benefits of this approach - a simple technique accessible to allEN
Jonathan HindeMarma therapy: what it is and why essential oils are such an important part of the treatment?EN
Jonathan HindeThe Art and Science of AromatherapyEN
June WenRecovery from Covid-19 – An actual Case Study using Essential Oils and TCMEN
Lydia BossonHolistic Aroma & Hydrosol therapy in the medical fieldEN
Melani KovacHow to create effective and safe aromatherapy productsEN
Melani KovacHow to Recognize the Power of the Essential Oils in your Home Pharmacy and use it for Efficient BlendingEN
Melani KovacHolistic approach for lasting skin resultsEN
Melani Kovac Enthusiasm for LifeEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMAromatherapy and the psychology by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMAromatic Reflections for Moments of Crisis by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMDepression, Anxiety, Stress and Aromatherapy part I by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMEnergy aspects of aromatherapy by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMAromatherapy for the Skin by Beverley HighamEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMEssential oils from South America by Yan OberlaenderEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMAromatherapy in the context of Ayurveda - Part 1 by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Oshadhi USA AHAM Aromatherapy in the context of Ayurveda - Part 2 by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Oshadhi USA AHAMOshadhi USA AHAM – Psychological testimonials with essential oils by Dr. Malte HozzelEN
Yan Oberlaender South American Essential OilsEN
Yan OberlaenderHow to boost your Immune System with the Golden Oils from the AmazonEN
Yan OberlaenderBotanical AromatherapyEN
Yan OberlaenderMan and Plants: An Ancestral AllianceEN
Yan OberlaenderRediscovering aromatherapy through chemistryEN
Yan OberlaenderPalo Santo – Ancestral Memories of ResilienceEN
Panel DiscussionExperts sharing different experiences on essential oilsEN
Panel DiscussionCovid 19 - The Message from Nature, Q&A Panel with all SpeakersEN
Panel DiscussionHow to Live with Covid-19?EN
TestimonialsTestimonials with Dr. Malte Hozzel and Jody EllaumeEN