Dr. Guilherme Oberlaender

Medical Doctor

Graduated in medicine in 1988, Dr. Oberlaender specializing in Psychiatry, Orthomolecular practices, Anti Aging medicine, Nutrology and Ozone therapy. He currently focuses on Integrative and Complementary Medicine. He is a researcher of Brazilian medicinal and aromatic plants, mainly from the Amazon, where he can live with healers and connoisseurs of the Amazonian flora.

In his work, he seeks to unite the traditional knowledge of the people of the forest, with modern academic knowledge, disseminating through courses, in Brazil and abroad, the use of these Brazilian essential oils and plants, in addition to publications, and research on this subject. He understands that this treasure of Divine Nature facilitates our understanding of ourselves by defending and healing what is necessary on our journey.

He is a scientific consultant for Oshadhi Brazil and also participates in some commissions and forums for the regulation and good use of essential oils through integrative and complementary practices in health in a conscious way.

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